SHARP “The World’s Finest Movie”

Go to college. Get a job. 9-5.
They want us to believe we are sheep so they can take our wool…
YOU are not a sheep. You are a wolf.

Log-line: A lazy, stoner-surf-bum must become a professional, adapt to the corporate world, and learn how to sell knives (kitchen cutlery) in order to support his family after his dad loses his job.

Genre: Coming of Age, Charming, Indie Dramedy

The Story Behind the Story...

Writer/Director Nick Conedera

Writer/Director Nick Conedera

SHARP is an independent film by Writer/Director Nick Conedera, inspired by his experience in direct sales selling Cutco cutlery for a company called Vector Marketing. Using the sales skills he learned selling knives, Nick went on to raise $222,000 to make the film in order to help strengthen our economy by developing young entrepreneurs, helping them discover their passion/purpose, and learning how to monetize their dreams. SHARP is a film about pushing yourself towards a goal, becoming the SHARPest version of yourself, following your dreams, and working for yourself in an ever-changing economic climate. 

Our goal is to help ONE MILLION young artists and entrepreneurs grow into the most confident, capable, SHARPest versions of themselves by using film and media to teach the importance of sales skills. Our current economic system just isn’t working for the millennial generation. We believe it is in our country’s best interest to help youth culture learn their strengths/passions, how to go out on their own, start businesses, and follow their dreams, INSTEAD of working a job just to pay the bills. DEATH to the 9-5.