"I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone but needless to say theres a very inspirational scene that happens that basically recreated itself on the last day of my last push (2 week cutco sales contest). I had a goal of hitting $10,000 for my push and I had ALOT of obstacles. I don't own a car and I was selling in a city that i'd lived in for less than 15 months (all things that make big sales pushes easier). The night before the last day of this contest, still over $2500 away from my goal, I decided to re- watch the film, hoping it would give me some inspiration. I fell asleep with hope.
After a full day of appointments on the last day, it happened. Again not to ruin the movie bc it was such an awesome scene but miraculously on my last appointment, a couple well into their golden years who already owned likely all the Cutco they would ever need, finished my last appointment of the day by simply asking, "OK, since we'll probably need gifts anyways, how many more table knives will it take for you to hit your goal?" 
I couldn't believe it. 
I love the idea they were motivated to invest into me merely because I was so passionate and vulnerable about what my goals meant to me.
I don't think I would have had the guts to share my goals as passionately the final hour if it wasn't for that film.
Again thank you for this great film and were all excited for SHARP 2!!
(pic of me on stage so excited to give my report!)" - Demian Scopp

Still over $2500 away from my [PUSH] goal, I decided to re-watch the film [SHARP].
I wouldn't have been able to share my goals as passionately if it wasn't for the film.
[Customers] finished my very last appointment [of the PUSH] by asking,
"How many more table knives will it take for you to hit your goal?"
– Demian Scopp, SW Region Red Development Specialist